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Marlène GODET

Operations Director

'La Roseraie' Networks
Class of 1999

La Brède, France Return

A Vatel Bordeaux graduate back in 1999, Marlène Godet is, since 2016, Operations Director at La Roseraie Residential Homes Networks. She also collaborates with many home care providers. Here is a snapshot of her career and her daily chores.

After a 17-year professional path in sales and as a hotel director, Marlène Godet has been running, since 4 years, residential care homes. Her greatest assets are: rigor, reliability and, of course, human attributes.  

Managing a team in time of crisis: acting as a binding force between members

Marlène cares for the elderly and for people with reduced mobility and is at the front line of the current health crisis. She is also very supportive of her colleagues: 'I insist on going to the office every day to encourage my team members and stay in close contact with them. I follow up on the situation with each of them at least once a week, and enquire about how they’re coping with the situation', she says.

Working in time of crisis: the importance of developing a network

Developing a network is instrumental when it comes to finding a job. The same applies for handling tricky situations internally;'We had to find supplies to counter the shortage of masks and gloves and to protect our staff. I contacted a construction company which had performed previous services for my hotels, and they provided me with the necessary equipment', says Marlène.


Working in a care home: bringing your own expertise to the table for better quality of care

You might wonder what would be your added value if asked to work at a care home after graduating from a hotel school. Marlène Godet asked herself the same question before joining 'La Roseraie' Residential Homes Networks. “They went after me”, she said with a smile. Her experience as a front office and a restaurant director as well as her many management positions were considered valuable assets by her recruiters. In her new position, Marlène discovered a new profession where she was able to put her rigor and her expertise at the service of her clients, and strive to sustain the quality of the products distributed in front office and in restaurant. 

'I like discussing with the chefs the menus and the quality of the products we use. I also sometimes taste the dishes we serve’, says the Vatel Bordeaux graduate. When working in a nursing home, one undertakes the classic chores of a manager, such as implementing a strategic plan. One also understands the importance of developing human bonds.

In a nursing home, building a strong relationship with residents is key

Towards catering for the residents of a care home. 'In a hotel, guests only visit occasionally and we rarely have the occasion to hear back from them - even from the satisfied ones - unless they’re regulars. In a residential nursing home, residents are there all year long and we get to bond with them. We are their family, in a way', notes Marlène.

Becoming multi-skilled and fostering proximity with colleagues and clients, these are the perks of a care home Operations Director.

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