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Choosing a domain to follow after the completion of high school was, as it is with most of the students of that adolescent age, a big challenge. I knew I was good at most of my subjects and could have chosen any stream but the day a set of professors from the Vatel came to conduct a presentation at my school, I could learn that the domain of hospitality did not mean only hotels and restaurants; it also comprised of the travel trade, event management, cruise and shipping lines, airlines, airports, railways, even in banking and retail, besides which it threw open a world of entrepreneurship opportunities for the students.It was therefore easy for me to choose a hotel management course and since the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School offered internships in France, exposure in international hotel chains and exciting student-exchange programmes, I was convinced that I would pursue this course from there only. I am soon going to complete my course. I know that by virtue of pursuing a brilliant course and gaining a lot of self-confidence, I will be offered openings at most of the hospitality establishment in which I appear for interview as a candidate. 


In my mind, a professional institute is recognized first by the quality of its students, secondly by the professionalism of its teachers, faculty, resources, researches conducted, international collaborations entered into and, lastly, by its location, the facilities and the infrastructure that it provides for the convenience of its students and the faculty members. Vatel deserves a high ranking in all these parameters.

Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School offers a brilliant 4-Year degree course in hotel management, which is delivered as per the curriculum suggested by the Institut Vatel, headquartered in Lyon, South of France. There have been ample opportunities for me to explore the world, meeting people from the different parts of the globe and participating in several competitions. All this has given me a lot of confidence and I consider myself to be a totally changed and an enhanced personality.

Here I have been able to hone my capabilities which are directed towards Front Office and Sales & Marketing, in which I have a special interest. I have shown brilliant results in my academic and co-curricular activities and I know that the day is not far when I will emerge as a successful hospitality professional. 


I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience I've had as a hospitality management student at Vatel. The past few years have been nothing short of incredible, and I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of such a vibrant and supportive community. College life is quite challenging, and it helps people to get a lot of experience. The experience in college shapes people’s lives and ensures that they can take responsibility for their actions. Students do come to realize their potential in college, and they tend to learn more about themselves while in college. The challenges they experience help them to grow into mature people in society. Also, there is a lesson that people learn about happiness and how to counter problems in life. With the experience in college, I have learned that there are limited resources, and all people have to find ways to get limited resources in society. As such, the competitiveness of someone is essential for survival in the community. Also, I have learned skills in prioritizing. With the high population and fewer resources in the economy, I have learned to manage the resources that I have to avoid wastage.


I would give this essay the title of “a rollercoaster ride” because these 4 years have definitely been one.  When I joined the Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, I had the goal of being a chef, hotels attracted me. The thought of travelling, meeting new people and new experiences is very exciting. Vatel gave the opportunity to fly high, to France, learn everything there.Learning has always been fun at the Vatel school, we never felt the need to miss a class, because it was boring. It has never just been books, it has been about practicality. Which helped us remember things even better.  It’s amazing to see how time passes by as we are very soon going to finish our course which started four years ago.4 whole years have passed and it is an emotional moment because we also built relationships, friends and a lot of memories. I would always be grateful for the knowledge that we got, the teachers who taught us. You framed us into well-groomed professionals from just school passed students. Now, wherever we go, we will know where we have come from and always be assertive. 


Vatel hotel and tourism business school is the best place to be for hospitality aspirants. The curriculum, infrastructure - kitchens and labs are designed and equipped on contemporary basis. And best part of this university is it is located at a prime location of Gurugram city. You get best insights of the hospitality industry practices, trends right from the day 1 you enter here and exposed frequently in the industry visit and series of guest lecturer. Even during COVID -19, Faculty hadn't left any stone unturned for effective teaching learning. I had taken part in so many conferences during that time too. I am a kitchen enthusiast and I love the practical session here, Chef here are highly experienced and teaches various techniques and various international recipes from scratch so we can excel in the industry. For F&B, there are two Training restaurants, you are truly exposed to French art of hospitality. Lastly for placement the school should make more efforts for international placement for interested students which I think is school is quite dilemma. Rest my experience was fruitful being a part of world renowned hospital school.


From day one, the faculty and staff at Vatel have gone above and beyond to help me succeed. Whether I needed help with a challenging assignment or guidance on how to navigate the industry, there was always someone there to offer their expertise and support. The wealth of knowledge and experience they bring to the classroom is truly invaluable, and I feel honored to have learned from such inspiring educators. Moreover, the extracurricular opportunities offered by Vatel have been instrumental in my growth as a hospitality professional. Whether it was participating in industry conferences, attending guest speaker events, or networking with alumni, I always felt that there was something new to discover and learn. These experiences have not only broadened my perspective on the industry but have also helped me build a robust network of contacts and friends. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude for the warm and welcoming community of fellow students that I have been a part of. The hospitality industry is all about building relationships, and I feel that the friendships I have made at Vatel will last a lifetime. I am continually inspired by my peers' passion, creativity, and drive, and I feel fortunate to have been a part of such a dynamic and diverse group.


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