Postgraduate degree - MBA

MBA in International Hotel Management

Directeur d'Hôtellerie internationale

  • Level I degree registered at RNCP by Ministerial order
  • Total Credits: 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
  • Length of studies : 2 ans


Semester 1 > Academic

• Operational Auditor • Financial management • Marketing • Business Law • Corporate taxation • Computer Sciences • Human Resource Management • Company Strategy • Hospitality and tourism strategy • Tourism Economics • Foreign language I • Foreign language II


Semestre 2 > Management Training
Semester 3 >Academic
• Management training in a company
• Duration: 5/6 months

Stipend for reference only* :
• In Europe: € 500 net per month, full board
• Operational Management • Financial Management • Marketing Management • Human Resource Management • General Company Policies • Technical and Professional English • Vatel International Business Game • Final Thesis
Students can choose an MBA specialization for their second year. In this case, semester 2 is an academic one and semester 3 targets management training applied to that specialization Learn more +

*Internship stipends are for information only. Amounts indicated are not contractual and can vary from one internship to another, according to the host country.

Admission requirements

In France: Baccalauréat + 3 additional studies**
In Belgium: Certificat de fin d’études secondaires + 3 additional studies**
In Switzerland: Maturité +3 additional studies**
In other countries : Undergraduate Degree**

** Students without any prior knowledge in the hospitality field must take the 3-month Professional Course at Vatel

English Proficiency:TOEFL 580 (90 IBT) or IELTS 6.0 (academic) + one-page personal essay or a cover letter written in English

Training objective

Acquiring analytic and decision-making methods, as well as practical managerial experience. Developing an open mind set on business in general in order to cultivate entrepreneurial qualities, especially in the fields of tourism and the international hospitality industry.

Title and Degrees awarded

• MBA in International Hotel Management / Directeur d’Hôtellerie Internationale
Degree registered in the National Repertory of Professional Certifications on April 5, 2012 by order set forth by the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health and published in the French Republic Official Journal on April 14, 2012 Read more

Equivalent certificationsEuropean or international agreements
• Master in Tourism Management, majoring in the International Hospitality Industry
• International Hotel Administration
• Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Management
• Professional Master’s Degree
• Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management
• European MBA in International Hotel Management

Program process:

MBA year 1: Step by step students acquire analytical and decision-making methods as well as experience as a manager.

MBA year 2: Students study key strategic rules and then apply them to Hotel Management.

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Director of Vatel Programme
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Directeur d'hôtellerie internationale

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Director of Vatel Programme
Laurent Guiraud
Ansal University, Sector – 55, Golf Course Road
Gurgaon - IN

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