Pizza & Pasta Workshop

In continuation with the series of workshops being conducted for the new students of hotel management at the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, today’s workshop was specifically ​targeted at​ the Italian cuisine. The theme being Pizzas and Pastas.

Pizza & Pasta Workshop

This one was a thrilling competition in which 7 participating teams were given the choice to prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas and pastas in a given time of 15-20 minutes. The Chefs had already done the mis-en-place with chopped bell peppers, onions, gherkins, olives, jalapenos, chicken, salami and ham.

The kitchen atmosphere burst into an over-excited arena of rivalry as the young students, already fans of these Italian delicacies, wanted to do one better than the other and their imagination went wild with combination of pesto, cream and tomato sauces, toppings, garnishes and accompaniments.    

Such competitions are always ​preceded by a s​hort​ brief and an audio-visual presentation in the practical classroom. “Wow…thanks dear was a true exposure into the real world of Italian gracefulness…we’re really not going back to Dominos” …was the comment of one of the over-excited students. Parents of some of these students, who also usually take part in these workshops, went back with a lot of learning, discovery and…immense satisfaction…