24th April, 2017 – Vatel School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Ansal University organized a get-together to bid adieu to final year students.


"It is actually very difficult to say goodbye to you students, with whom we have had a close association of more than a 1000 days. However, for us, this isn't a separation - we know that we will be associated with each other forever and will cherish the memories of having spent an excellent time together at the University" Said the Dean, Mr. R.K. Bhandari, who equally stressed upon hard work, without which, nothing was ever achievable.

Thereupon, it was an open house, wherein the seniors did exactly what the juniors asked them to do - be it mimicking a teacher, dancing, singing a song or acting like a half inebriated man. An over-enthusiastic student also exhibited his mettle by doing a hundred push-ups on the stage. The junior students took a lot of care in preparing and serving to their seniors Avadhi delicacies and a mocktail Green Apple Sparkle, rounded off with a delicious fruit cream.

“The seeds which we sowed and nurtured have finally bloomed" said Mr. Laurent Guiraud, Director of the Vatel programmes in India.​..

Everybody wished the passing-out batch good luck and looked forward to their continuous advice in future...