Perseverance always pays in the long run

In order to keep pace with the industry and to bridge, to the extent possible, the academia-industry gap, the Vatel School of Hospitality Management, (VSHM) organize special talks by veterans from the hospitality trade, from time to time.

Perseverance always pays in the long run

As a part of the series to such endeavors, a guest lecture was organized on Thursday, October 11, 2018, wherein Mr. Yogesh Joshi, the Multi-Property Finance Director of Marriott Hotels,Ms. Shilpi Sharma – Manager Learning and Development, The Westin Gurgaon with her colleague Ms. Aakriti Bhargava conducted a lecture for all the students of the VSHM.

Besides giving an audio-visual presentation depicting the history of the Marriott Hotels starting from its evolution right to the stage of its becoming the world’s largest hotel chain, the Marriott Team gave to the students an insight into how challenging, demanding and yet an extremely promising trade hospitality can be. Students asked questions wondering whether the advancement of careers depended upon how many hotel companies an executive worked with vis-à-vis how many years did he/she spends in one single organisation, to which the answer was that it is perseverance which always pays in the long run. A self-example of a housekeeping executive transforming herself into a Manager – Learning and Development was given by Shilpi. 

A customer is the be-all and end-all of all hospitality organisations, the students were given tips on the ways to increase the customer satisfaction levels, about pre-empting customer needs and to promote the Ethos of Atithi Devo Bhav.

At the end the Marriott team discussed the dates on which they would be able to come down to interview our students for placement and, more importantly, the day on which theirs and our team would meet for a cricket match…