No industry can function, neither can it survive in isolation should it not be for the constant cooperation of external factors or that of the agencies that help it grow and flourish.


Enjoying close ties with HM institutes, where lies a wealth of semi-trained, Cultured manpower, the hotels constantly invite students for internships, special occasions, competitions, sports and, indeed, for placement. Conversely the hotel managers visit institutes for delivering lectures on the best practices adopted by them, to make the students aware of the emerging trends in hospitality and to be part of the institute’s meetings and celebrations.

These close interactions build a sense of industry-academia bonding and create an atmosphere of proximity and teamwork.

Ms. Nikita Bajaj, Director Human Resources, the Crowne Plaza Gurgaon, whose portfolio was recently elevated to a higher role at the regional headquarters, for the purpose of continuing the seamless relationship enjoyed by the two organisations, visited the Vatel School of Hospitality Management to introduce her successor, Ms. Anshul Sharma.

We will make sure that not only do we continue this beautiful trend, but also will we try and work towards capitalizing upon each other’s strengths” were the words of Anshul…

It was co-incidental that the School’s parents-teachers’ meeting was in progress at the time of their visit and the parents were happy to observe a close relationship that we maintained with the Crowne Plaza… Secondly, she invited 8 of our final year students to visit the hotel and explore career opportunities in the various departments in food production.