As a sequel to the workshops being organised for the new hotel management aspirants, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Ansal University, organised a workshop on Fruits and Vegetable Carving on Friday, June 23, 2017.


The faculty members of the school started the workshop by having the students play a game which made them feel at ease with each other. This was followed by a brief about the hotel industry being more of art than a science, followed by which they were given an audio-visual presentation about the art of carving vegetables and fruits.

" I am really glad to attend this workshop - I have never seen this art before. It was fun seeing the chefs do it with such ease and comfort - I know that I will also be able to do it one day..." was the comment of one of the students.

One of he parents who attended the workshop consecutively for the second time, had the following to say: "I could see that there is a very close and effective interaction between the staff, the faculty members and the rest of the team, which has a lot of rigour "

Most of the students, for whom it was a maiden attempt with a knife, were able to carve flowers, swans, geese and even a banana racing car...

The workshop on next Friday will be on Chocolates and Candies - a subject which the students are already very excited about...