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Hospitality Euphoria

The study of hotel management subjects, being closely attached to life unless inducted into real life, lose their practical importance.


Be it the art of culinary management, of pleasing clients with service, of understanding their needs or that of taking care of their hygiene and well-being, everything that a student learns in hotel management can be practiced with the people at home and with the society at large.

This year again, for the third time in a row, the School of Hospitality Management, Ansal University, in collaboration with the Nestle India Limited, organized Hospitality Euphoria in which students from various colleges participated and competed with eight home teams. Each team was called upon to prepare a three-course menu of its choice belonging to any Indian region or to any country in the world with the condition that the teams would use a Nestlé product in the desert.

The imagination of these young budding chefs, once given full liberty, went berserk and they created unusually striking delicacies like Lala Lamb, Machi Gambouti, Tortellini with apple and cucumber broth, chicken surprised in chou pasta, Maggi masala with tomato sauce, pan seared fish, veg Maggi bread rolls, bread di-chicken. The desserts comprised of Kiti Fruity Kat, Mango-Kit-kat, badam halwa with the kit-kat shake.     

“Well before food is consumed, its appearance on the plate, the aroma it carries, its temperature, texture, color, and the style of its presentation play an extremely important part for it to be called A Work of Art,” says -------------------- one of the experts in the panel of judges.

While in the main arena the students were presenting their culinary expertise, a war of bartenders was going on in the Vatel Café in which the students were showcasing their expertise in preparing scintillating, colorful, well-garnished mocktails, which were being adjudged by managers from the Lemon Tree hotels.

“Being well aware of the importance of the social responsibility that our industry has and of its obligation towards the environmental concerns, we also put up in this Euphoria a stall which highlighted the awareness of saving the oceans, which, as we all know, are suffering from contamination resulting into the depletion of its flora and fauna. A Towel origami formed an interesting part in this Euphoria, in which the students rolled up towels into shapes of swans, whales, fish and other living beings in the seas, oceans and the waters of this planet”. Said Mr. Amreesh Misra, dean of the School of Hospitality Management, Ansal University.


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