Budding Young Entrepreneurs

Unless a study prompts a mastery over the subject, it cannot be deemed to have been followed well. All theoretical lessons, especially in hotel management, must, for the sake of their wholesome understanding, be followed by their practical versions.

Budding Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in banqueting, in which one is required to conduct a deep study of the client’s requirements, understand and conceptualize the proposed events, plan the layout, the staffing, the menu, the timings and the service design, is an extremely calculative, systematic and a methodical process. In such events, one has to rely not only upon the resources available within the house, but also coordinate with the external agencies for their specialized services. More so, as it happened on the last Sunday, when an event like The Legal Desire Awards Ceremony, in which retired chief justices, renowned legal advisors and celebrated lawyers like Mr. Ram Jethmalani were expected to attend, a lot of planning of the smallest and the finest detail was required. 

Hand-in-hand with the F&B professors of The Vatel School of Hospitality Management, the Chefs gathered resources and worked together to integrate and execute the breakfast service at 8 am, the pre-lunch conference tea at 11 am, lunch at 1 pm, rounded off with high tea at 3 pm; and, this wasn’t for anything less than 250 guests for each service. When the purpose of the event is prestigious, things are never left to chance. Not only the quality of food, but also the ambience, the prompt and courteous service and care had to be executed at a level nothing below the highest standards.

The event went off with flying colours; we did not leave any stone unturned to make our guests happy” was the comment made by Mr. R.K. Bhandari while replying to the kudos, compliments and letters of appreciation received from the School of Law, the pro-vice chancellor and the vice chancellor of the University.

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